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Click here to see the original Government TV campaign introducing Part-P of the Building Regulations The original government TV campaign promoting the introduction of Part-P of the building regulations in 2005.
See our "Mandatory Paperwork" web page too see how it impacts on electrical work you may have planned.

Click here to see what happens to a counterfeit 13A plugtop fuse under fault conditions Testing a counterfeit 13A plugtop fuse under controlled conditions.
See for details of counterfeit plugs, counterfeit plugtop fuses and for serious safety issues with Plug-in socket covers.

Click here to see what happens when a small piece of wire shorts out a main supply intake Effect of shorting the main supply intake with a small piece of copper wire.
Although this test is on a 3 phase supply, the effect of a short circuit on the incoming supply in a confined space (e.g. under the stairs) would be very similar. What you see here is called an "Arc Flash" or a "Flashover".

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